What’s Better for Your Business: Static or a Responsive Website?

Have you ever wondered how websites adapt to various platforms such as tablets, desktops, iPads, and smartphones? Alternatively, why is it that your website is unable to do so?

It’s simple to understand why. If your website isn’t built for that purpose, it won’t cater to the needs of your visitors or the devices they’re using. Responsive web design isn’t well-known among website owners. When your site is mobile-friendly, 72% of visitors are more likely to stay engaged. Mobile devices are responsible for about 60% of all Internet browsing. When it comes to websites, first impressions are very critical. 94% of individuals feel a website’s design makes them distrust it.

A well-designed website can increase traffic and inspire customers to buy your product or service.

Still not convinced?

Let us tell you that 48% believe a website’s design to be the most important component in determining a company’s legitimacy. By building responsive mobile platforms for the websites, 62% of businesses increased their sales. There are various advantages to having your website professionally built by the best website design & development company.

What is most important to the users?

A user expects a website to load quickly, be simple to use, include the information they require and be visually appealing.

In reality, companies that claim to be “internet-driven” are 89% more likely than their competitors to achieve their commercial objectives. That is why it is vital to consider how a user interacts with a website on various devices and deliver the greatest possible experience.

At Crafty Webbies, we offer responsive website design that can withstand the test of time and several devices.

What we provide you in Responsive Website Design

Benefits of Responsive Website

  • Flexible
  • Consolidated tracking & analysis
  • Simple & easy URL structure
  • Easy Navigation
  • Great User Experience
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Imapctful SEO
  • Increased Mobile traffic