Social Media Management

It’s clear that social media usage is rapidly increasing, making it a crucial component to any marketing campaign. The key goals of running social media marketing campaigns are to increase awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads using social platforms.

Is Social Media Right For You?

In order to maximize impact and help your business reach its goals, it is critical to understand that social media marketing must be executed in a specific way. It’s easy for a user to ignore or skip over an ad on social media even though this type of advertising is very common, so we can help you stand out and catch that user’s attention.

For many social media sites including Facebook Advertising, users are not in “search mode”, meaning they are not seeking to make a purchase at this point in time. Therefore, social media marketing is more effective at creating a previously nonexistent demand, rather than fulfilling an existing one.

Effective Social Media Usage

The nature of social media gives it several advantages over more traditional forms of advertising, including:

Low Cost, High Opportunity:

An important benefit of social media is that it is free to join. Though most social media networks offer paid promotions for businesses, it is still incredibly cost effective to advertise on social platforms when these other factors are taken into consideration.

Reach Advantage:

Of over 4.5 billion Internet users all over the world, 3.8 billion are also social media users. Not only does social media allow you to reach larger and more diverse markets, it can also connect you with very specific niche audiences, making you more likely to find the perfect consumer for your product or service.

User Trends:

According to Forbes, 78% of users reported that their purchasing decisions were influenced by brands they followed on social media. Additionally, 72% of users reported they were more likely to stay engaged with brands they liked that maintained an active social media presence.

Lead Generation:

According to a 2020 study, 84% of B2B marketers used paid distribution channels, of which 72% used promotional social media posts. This same study found that Facebook was in the top 3 most used platforms for paid promotions.

To recap: social media marketing is about engagement between a potential consumer and a brand. Social networks are great options for these kinds of conversations because they allow the brand to reply directly to interested consumers. This feature makes the consumer feel important and valued by your company, giving them a strong personal connection to your brand.

What You’ll Need to Succeed:

Choosing the right social platform to connect with consumers is equally as vital as creating and posting the right content on that platform. We can help guide you and point out what to focus on like:

Eye-Catching Imagery:

Social networks are chock full of colorful and interesting photos. In order to stand out to consumers, creating eye-catching design materials for your business is key. Blackhawk Digital Marketing has a team of experienced designers ready to help you with any Graphic Design or Web Design you may require.

Short, Informative Copy:

The fast-paced nature of social media has changed the way we consume information and has drastically shortened our attention spans. When browsing social media, a consumer typically won’t spend a large amount of time reading one post, so long pieces of copy are not ideal for corporate social media. Some networks (like Twitter) even have a character limit in place to ensure that anything posted is a quick read.

Make sure to link any content to a website or article, so if your reader is interested in reading more, they will have the information available. Blackhawk’s copywriters will implement these smart tactics while writing condensed, attention-grabbing copy.

Engaging Posts:

One of the many perks of social media is the ability to interact with other users directly, through actions like commenting or reposting. Consumers often jump at the opportunity to connect with their favorite brand on a personal level, so with every post design,  it’s Blackhawk’s mission to encourage response and engagement from users.

Brand Personality:

As always, it is crucial to stay consistent across all channels, even social. Consistency includes aspects like tone of voice and design color palettes. It is important for your brand to look and feel cohesive and strong to consumers. And if you decide you need help with branding, be sure to check out our Brand Development Services.

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